Church Of Wire

"Beautiful prose, a razor sharp eye for detail, and chills aplenty."

- Paul Finch













"Church of Wire" is the second in my series of novels featuring irascible PI, Mordent, who sees the world through noir-tinted glasses and has a bubblewrap fetish. Whilst the book was originally published in 2015 by Telos Publishing, a new version has just been released through Head Shot Press which has been revised.

The cover blurb is as follows:

Ex-cop, Mordent, is an irascible, anachronistic PI with a noir sensibility and a bubblewrap fetish. Hired by the enigmatic Isabelle Silk to unearth dirt on a business associate, he becomes involved with Jessica – a floozy with a fake Southern Belle accent – and hunts the Residue Killer: a twisted individual intent on despatching survivors of previous serial killer attacks.

All the trails lead to the Church of Wire. Yet does this surrealist religious sect really lie at the heart of the killings?

Church of Wire is the second in a series of exciting crime novels putting a neo-noir twist on the genre conventions of bums and dames, corruption and perversion, and cops and informers; all played out on rain-soaked streets amid a shadow-filled city.

The original cover for this book is here:

Beautiful prose, a razor sharp eye for detail, and chills aplenty. Hook rebirths the noir, but with a very hard darkness and a disturbing air of mystery. Paul Finch, author of Dead Man Walking



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